This Blog site is an enterprise that has evolved through many attempts by the Editor to re-discover former 1DCLI mates and their family connections via LI Guestbook postings, few of which gain much response.  Blogging per se, is a www phenomena that has emerged from the growing need of subscribers to develop ‘conversations’ with other like-minded individuals, who in turn are seeking contact to re-create the past.  Often times a memory path is triggered by a small comment, that in turn develops into the bigger picture when viewed by others.

It is a simple exercise to log a Comment and there are many examples peppered throughout this site and related Blog Pages – all with the same objective in mind.   However, do not expect the Editor to conduct a research endeavour regarding a former DCLI serviceman’s history.  You will need to fulfill the basic criteria of full name, rank, service number, DOB or DOD as applicable and theatre of regimental postings, and  a photo where possible.  We will do the rest so far as publishing is concerned and then it’s a matter of patience.

Just like fishing!  You need a baited hook in the water to possibly get a bite!

Tempus Fugit! 


5 responses to “About

  1. Catherine Weekes

    My father served with the DCLI 1953 -1955. Dennis Dyer, army number 22888417. He trained at Bodmin Cornwall. Went to Minden-Germany 1953, then to Up Park Camp, Kingston Jamaica, then to Belize, British Honduras.

    I would be grateful if anyone has any information or photos which I could pass on to him.

    Thank You for any help

  2. Michael Hellard

    Reference: Baden Hellard May 5, 2007 at 12:44 pm

    I am descendant from the Penryn Hellards and my father of the same generation as Ernest Baden Hellard (b.1900) of Woolwich. I am guessing Sally and the Captain to be descendant down that line. The serendipidy of genealogy has led me to Sally’s posting. If there is a way of forwarding this email to her, I would be grateful.

    Michael H – Melbourne.au

    ED: Michael I have passed your email address (shown only to the Editor) to Sally to refer her to this posting in the event that she wishes to make contact.


    Derek Lovemore
    Editor, Brisbane

  3. Baden Hellard

    Hello Derek – thank you for this entry. Other items which may help – apparently one incident remains large in his memory – a huge fleet of goods and trucks were delivered to their stores, but for some reason it could not be distributed at the time of arrival, so he organised an open air store with local Arab guards with dogs, surrounded by a huge minefield. This store included thousands of blankets, armoured cars, petrol, many other items necessary for the continuing running of the army in the area – (Command Secretariat?). It was left like this over night, but the next morning the lot had gone, including the Arab guards – the dogs having been drugged with doctored meat. A huge search was mounted but all I understand was found, was a few blankets and one jeep covered with sand. He was ‘punished’ by being kept back in the army longer than would be normal.

    The second – he was a mad and active sportsman and spent a lot of time as a commentator on sporting occasions for the Army Broadcasting Services for the Troops in Egypt – does this help?

    Regards Sally BH

    PS: Editor 12th May: Thanks for comment Sally, there’s a lot of information here that might capture another’s attention to add further clarity. Let’s hope the story unravels further. My invitation remains open to post a full “Mention” on the “Most Wanted” site. Just ‘click’ on the bolded “Most Wanted” title and follow the publishing details. Any person with information to pass on please contact Editor on djkl157@gmail.com

    Carpe Diem!

  4. Baden Hellard

    My father was a Captain in the DCLI from 1947 to circa early 1950 – he served in Egypt during the troubles immediately after the end of the Second World War – would like some information regarding those times, anyone who served at that time, etc for personal information purposes only.
    Thank you

    Sally Baden Hellard
    contact me on this e-mail address – thank you.

    PS: (Editor) logged 6th May 2007

    We shall of course appreciate any help for Sally, however we suggest that other sites such as “Most Wanted” might be a better spot for Sally to post a profile for the Captain. Email addresses are not disclosed to public view on any of our sites, so if you have information kindly post a comment in the normal way and we shall arrange contact where appropriate.

    Tempus Fugit!

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