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“A” Company, Prospect Garrison, Devonshire, Bermuda: 1954

Welcome to our Blog page for “A” Company, 1st Battalion DCLI – circa 1954-1957. Our objectives, hopes, desires and wishes are that former soldiers – OR’s, NCO’s and Officers, will tender diary entries, stories, memoirs, names and photos for the period spent at Prospect Garrison, Devonshire Bermuda.

We hope that we can develop this Blog Page into an extra special site to encourage an historical reference for 1DCLI Regimental History of this era. The old Prospect Barracks in Bermuda are demolished now and any photographic memorabilia that you the reader might have – will be greatly appreciated so that we can create full visual pages, including group and personal shots. The Editor has published several photographs of the old Barracks. So far John Tenniswood, John Griffin, Neil Swanson, Bill Edwards, Bill Eaton, Barry Cornish, Reg Pearce, Reg Mitchell, Alan Mitchell, Peter Trethake, Keith Mannings, Jim Kelly, Derek Lawrence, Fraser Pakes, Tom Strike and Mike Woolley have forwarded old photos of the period.

Since inception, the response for old military photo records has been so popular, that a special blog page (PICASA ALBUMS) has been opened. Hotlinked.

Preferably post a Blog comment here and Derek Lovemore Editor, will follow through from your (confidentially) captured email address to suggest the easiest method to send photos etc. Neil “Swanny” Swanson is a great contributor to the bank of current era photos of the DCLI West Cornwall Association now published on other blog pages.

Tempus Fugit!

“The good old days are here and now”. (Denis Waitley)



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